My cousin and his wife recently moved to The Villages Florida. They told me how nice it was and how I would have to come visit once they got moved in and settled down. I told them I would be up for the trip and to let me know when they wanted me to come stay with them.

A few weeks after they got moved into their home they called me to let me know the following weekend would work out for them. I was off of work that weekend anyways so I made plans to go visit them. I decided to drive there since it was only a few hours away. I thought a road trip would be really great for me and a good way to clear my head. I couldn’t wait to see their new home in The Villages Florida.

The drive really wasn’t that bad and traffic was decent. I was able to easily find their home with the help of a GPS system I had. It led me right to them. I couldn’t believe how nice this neighborhood was and their house was really nice too.

My cousin and his wife took me out to eat when I got there. The restaurant they took me to was really nice and they said it was their new favorite place to eat. They showed me around the town and their favorite spots. We stopped at a bar along the way and had a few drinks and I got to meet some of their new friends. It was a really nice bar and a really nice town. The people were very friendly and welcoming.

My cousin and his wife showed me all around their home too. I am really happy for them because it’s so nice and they got it for a really great price.

We went to a few different places over the weekend while I was there. I enjoyed my visit with them and learned all about their town and their new jobs that they had gotten since they were there. Everything was really nice and I want to visit them again soon. They said I could come back and visit any time I would like. They both are off on the weekends. I only occasionally get weekends off, but I told them I would let them know.